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New Event Photographer Service Where Guests Only Receive the Photos They Appear in using Face Finder

In the age of digital photography, capturing precious moments at events has become an essential part of our lives. With the rise of social media and photo-sharing platforms, we all want to keep the memories alive, share them with our loved ones, and relive them at any time. However, with so many photos, events and guests, it can be challenging to keep track of them all. That's where a new service called QR Photographer comes in, making it easier to hire any local roaming photographer you want then pair with our facial recognition online based gallery service with we offer to any worldwide event , enabling your guests to find only photos they appear in while keeping the main gallery hidden for guests privacy.

What is QR Photographer?

QR Photographer is a new service that allows you to hire any local photographer you want and then add our face finder gallery for easy personal guests galleries.

How does the QR facial recognition online gallery service work?

Once the photos are taken, they are automatically uploaded to QR's facial recognition online gallery service. The gallery service uses advanced algorithms to detect faces in the photos and create separate albums for each person. Each guest can then access their album and view only the photos they appear in. This ensures that everyone can easily find the photos they are looking for, without having to sift through the entire gallery.

What about privacy concerns?

QR prioritizes the privacy of your guests. The facial recognition gallery service ensures that only the guests' photos are visible to them. The main gallery is kept hidden and only accessible by the event organizer. This ensures that guests' privacy is protected while also allowing them to easily access their photos. The best part is that the photographer doesn't need to gather any information from your guests. This provides them with the peace of mind that their personal information is kept safe.

How do guests receive their photos?

QR provides various options for guests to receive their photos. One of the easiest ways is to scan a QR code sign displayed during the event. We provide an easy printable b&w sign file or the photographer can even have a QR code lanyard that guests can scan, or you can consider placing a QR card in their gift bag. If you prefer, you can also provide an easy link or send them an email the day of or offer a delayed email with as much time as your photographer needs to get you a deliverable shared folder.


In conclusion, QR service is an innovative service that combines professional photography with a facial recognition online gallery service, making it easier to find and share photos from your event. The facial recognition gallery face search ensures that guests can find their photos easily, while also protecting their privacy. Additionally, the numerous options for guests to receive their photos make it incredibly convenient for them to access their memories. If you're looking for a way to capture and organize the memories of your upcoming event without compromising your guests' privacy, QR Photographer Service is an excellent service to consider.


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