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QR Photographer

Hire Any Photographer

Pair our Face Finder AI gallery service with any photographer you will hire or past photos you already have. Because we are online based your event can be absolutely anywhere. Just send us photos you have or a link your photographer shared with you and we will create a face finder gallery for your guests to find only their photos. We also offer referrals for local photographers in your area that can cover your event. 

QR Photographer with Face Finder

Guest Gallery Tech

Find Only Your Photos 

No public gallery, guests only find photos they appear in using Face Finder Tech

One Personal Gallery

for Multi-day Events guests photos are combined in one personal gallery

Add Any Photos Together

Combined Past, Present, and Future event photos in one friendly search gallery

QR Photographer with Face Finder

Guest Privacy First

We understand that most events are privacy sensitive and shouldn't require a guest to provide contact information to a random photographer. Many simply avoid participating due to the fear of spam, junk mail and being on public event galleries. 


QR Photographer with Face Finder

How Guests Receive Photo

Guests find their photo by scanning a custom QR code we create just for your event or visiting a simple web link, the photographer can even wear a QR card lanyard. Simply aim any smart phone at the QR code and a link magically pops up, they will take a selfie on their phone, A.I. technology will quickly search the full album and only display their photos. Guests can also get photos by just visiting a link later from a home computer at any time. The best part, its achieved by using only one single QR code or web link for guests to do.

Amy Young, CA

“My Clients have been asking for this feature for years! so glad I found. It was great to be able to hire their photographer of choice. Quick tip, request your photographer put all photos in a dropbox sharing folder and send you the link, then send  that link to this service "

Morgan Davis, NY

"Hosted a multi-day headshot booth for expo attendees, hired a local photographer, after each day, I had the photographer send this service a shared folder, as he added to the folder each day it got updated, worked out fantastic, highly recommend!"

Lisa Parker, MI

“I was skeptical, started with getting quotes from local photographers, after I found my choice, I just told them I wanted a sharing folder with link, and then  share with this service, worked out great”
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