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What Is a Face Finding Photo Gallery Feature And Why Would I Need it for My Event Photographer?

A face finder photo gallery is a type of online gallery service that uses AI facial recognition technology to identify and group photos of individuals using their face. This type of gallery is designed to make it easier for people to find and view photos of themselves without seeing others photos or open a public gallery.

In a face finding photo gallery, the facial recognition analyzes each photo and identifies any faces present. It then groups photos together based on the faces that appear in them, so that users can easily view all the photos that include a their face.

This technology is particularly useful for event photographers who take a large number of photos at an event. With a Face Finder photo gallery guests can quickly find and view photos of themselves without having to sift through hundreds of images. It's also useful for organizers of the event, who can share photos to someone with their privacy intact.

Because this is an add-on service, it can be pair with any photographer you hire. The process is super easy every photographer you hire will provide a link to your photos, simply send any link to the Face Finder Service and they will create your face finding gallery for guests. Also, consider using for any of your past event photos that needed this service but wasn't available at the time. Also, if you have an annual event, consider utilizing the service for the past gallery and include with your invite for your next upcoming event. A great way to bring back the memories and increase the odds of them attending again.


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